Discover how people get to your store, and what happens when they are there

Which areas of your websites influenced them? What geographical areas drive the most traffic? Once they arrive to your store, understand their experiences by category, bay, aisle, end-cap, store or region. Democratize these insights across your entire organization: marketing, operations, real estate, store management, engineering, and category management

Get insights from many different perspectives

Understand How Traffic Flows In Your Stores

To-store insights

What digital sources are driving the most traffic? What physical areas do people come from and when? Maximize digital marketing spend. Optimize mailers to increase conversions and reduce costs
Path insights
Understand How Traffic Flows In Your Stores

Path insights

What flows cause the most customer frustration? What flows are the most profitable? Where should I place the next promotion? Answer these and many more questions with Path Insights
Measure Magnetic Pull of End-Caps

Affinity insights

Understand customer affinity towards end-caps, bays, categories, aisles, departments, or your own custom areas
Affinity insights
Funnel Card
Increase list with efficient sales funnels

Funnel insights

Go from complexity to clarity. With Funnel Insights, you can go from abstract to a-ha! Easily get a context-rich understanding of the billions of signals your customers send you everyday, but get unnoticed. Then take action and improve experiences, which drive revenues, advocacy and brand loyalty
Optimally allocate staff

Time-of-day insights

Get time-of-day analysis based on where people are in your store. Say farewell to guess work and optimize staff allocation to the areas that need them most
Time of day
Compare and collaborate with colleagues

Compare insights

Compare insights across two or more stores to uncover reasons why one store outperforms another. Do path analysis to understand the impacts of a new layout reset. Compare end-cap funnel performance, or understand the impacts of your latest promotion
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Area map compared

Getting started is as simple as downloading one of the Adino Installers: Mobile SDK, Web SDK, or Video Installer

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