Event-driven behavioral personalization for the digital and physical customer journey

Create immersive, authentic, and amazing customer experiences with event-driven behavioral personalization across the entire customer journey and across different modalities: web, mobile, geography, and in-store

Segment Your Customers

ROI boosting data-driven segment creation

Make data-driven decisions by curating fine-tuned segments or let our AI find hidden patterns for you. Create segments based on:
(1) How customers interact with your websites;
(2) How customers get to your store;
(3) In-store browsing interests, shopping interests and brand affinity.

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Personalization Rules

Tailor customer experiences with rules

When a real-time event happens, decide what you want Adino to do. Send push notifications to loyal customers? Update your website to personalize content? Did the shopper go into your store and not buy anything? Should we retarget them on an ad network? Did the shopper go to your competitor's store after first visiting yours? Offer a discount?

Activate On Platform Of Choice

Integrate with your existing systems

When an event occurs that meets your personalization rules, Adino will trigger an action on your platform of choice. We currently integrate with the following:

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Measure To Win

Attribution insights

You've spent a ton of money building out a strong omni-channel strategy. Now finally close the loop with digital-to-physical attribution and measure your performance and drive outcomes

Get ready for

Actionable Insights

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