Privacy-respecting system that processes billions of signals across digital and physical sources

We artificially, yet intelligently correlate mobile, web, location and in-store event data. This allows us to deliver rich insights that bridge the digital-to-physical continuum

Privacy first and no facial recognition

To generate in-store data, we use existing video footage and run it through the Adino Engine to produce digital event data. We do this without facial recognition and encrypt data in-transit and at rest

Indoor optimized autonomous car technology

Our Chief Scientist and her team have reimagined portions of autonomous car technology and have purpose-built an engine for indoor spaces

Indoor footfall and attribution

With the ability to measure store, category, and brand footfall, we are able to build in-store attribution models for marketing and other use cases

Indoor footal
Contextualize for deeper insights


With our modified autonomous car technology, you gain an even deeper level of insight by contextualizing what the autonomous car technology sees. Then the fun really begins

Mobile and Web SDKs

To generate mobile, web, and location event data, you simply download one of our SDKs